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SanHe Wanguo cooperates with Huizhi Lin to expand its business in Europe

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Sanwo wanguo team members take a photo with guests of Huizhi Lin

In order to expand the European patent agency business, Haseltine Lake LLP, a famous European trademark and Patent Office, came to Shanghai to exchange ideas with us on the recommendation of Shanghai Sanhe Wanyu INTELLECTUAL Property Agency and at the joint invitation of National Technology Transfer Center of East China University of Science and Technology and Intellectual Property Research Center of Law School. With a history of more than 150 years, Huizilin European Patent and Trademark Agency is one of the largest patent and trademark agencies in Europe. The firm's partners, David Brown and Alex Rogers, report "How to Obtain Affordable and secure Intellectual Property rights in Europe" on the basis of our current policy to encourage the patenting of inventions with market promise or potential.

Three and the nations will further with intelligent Lin European patent trademark agency firm cooperation, combined with the actual situation of the applicant for a patent in China, will provide the applicant with a package of an application for a patent for stationary charge preferential services, reduce the burden of the applicant's cost, dismissed the applicant worries about subsequent unforeseen costs, make the applicant has more chances to the European patent.

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