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United States Trademark Registration

Conditions and documents required for trademark registration in the United States:

1. Applicant qualifications:

No basic registration requirements; Any natural or legal person wishing to obtain trademark protection in the United States.

2. Application Basis:

A. On the basis of actual use, that is, commercial use in the United States, the earliest use date in the United States must be provided, and labels, packages or photos of actual use must be provided;

B. On the basis of intended use, that is, those who have not started to use in the United States but intend to use, must still start to use within the specified period in order to obtain the final registration;

C. Applicants who have applied for registration in their home country but have not been approved for registration must have obtained the application date and application number;

D. Registered in the country of origin, that is, the trademark registration certificate has been obtained in the country.

3. Required Information:

A. The name and address of the applicant or the name and address of the company;

B. One copy of business license or ID card;

C. Trademark drawings. If protection colors are specified, at least 5 clear color trademark drawings are required;

D. Categories and goods/services to be protected;

E. Materials proving that the trademark has been used in the United States.

4. The right holder shall acquire the trademark right from the date of the registration announcement, and the term of trademark right shall be 10 years. The exclusive period for each renewal is 10 years.

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