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The documents required for a trademark registration application

(1) An Application for Trademark Registration and a Power of attorney for Trademark Agency.

(2) 10 pieces of trademark drawings (10 pieces of coloring drawings and 1 piece of black and white ink draft should be submitted for colored trademarks with specified colors).

(3) submit a copy of the business License of the enterprise or a copy of the Business License with the seal of the license-issuing authority. The commodities or service items reported in the application shall not exceed the business scope approved and registered.

If a group company or a multinational company wants to register a certain trademark in the name of the applicant, if the registered Business License indicates that the business scope includes the business scope of its subsidiary or branch company, it can provide a copy of the business License of the subsidiary company.

(4) The following documents shall also be submitted for trademark registration applications of pharmaceuticals and tobacco products for human use and some special industries or special commodities that must be registered by the State:

A. When applying for trademark registration of drugs for human use, nutritional food for medical use, nutritional drink for medical use and baby food, certification documents issued by the administrative department of public health, namely pharmaceutical Production License or Pharmaceutical Trade License, shall be attached. A pharmaceutical production or trading enterprise that has not obtained the above two licenses may also apply for trademark registration on the strength of the approval document issued by the administrative department of health for the establishment of a pharmaceutical production or trading enterprise. An application for trademark registration of disinfectants for human use shall be accompanied by a certificate issued by the health and epidemic prevention authorities.

B. To submit trademark registration applications for cigarettes, cigars and packaged tobacco. Certificates of approval for production issued by the state department in charge of tobacco shall be attached.

C. Where an application is filed for trademark registration of the name of a newspaper or magazine, the newspaper registration certificate of a unified national serial number (" CN ") issued by the Press and Publication Administration (BUREAU) shall be submitted.

(5) In handling the application for collective trademark and certification trademark registration, the qualification certificate of the applicant certifying the trademark and the management rules of trademark use shall also be submitted.

When applying for the registration of a certification trademark, a certificate issued by the competent authority shall also be submitted, stating the specific qualities of the applicant in producing the goods or providing the services and the testing and supervision capabilities of the applicant.

The so-called subject qualification certificate refers to the certification documents of enterprises, institutions, associations and other groups and organizations that are legally registered and have the legal person status.

Competent authority refers to the central or provincial operational authority. The foreign applicant shall also submit the qualification certificate of the subject and the corresponding certification documents issued by the competent authority, and the Chinese translation shall be attached.

The rules governing the use of collective trademarks shall include the purpose, membership, conditions, procedures and quality of goods or services of collective trademarks. And the rights and obligations of the collective members and the liabilities for violating the rules; The rules governing the use of certification trademarks include the purpose, conditions, procedures, specific quality and characteristics of goods or services, the rights and obligations of using certification trademarks and the liabilities for violating the rules.

(6) Where a person's portrait is used as a trademark to apply for registration, a letter of authorization from the right of portrait must be provided and notarized by a notary organ.

(7) The applicant for trademark registration shall fill in the commodity names and service items in a specific and standardized manner according to the International Classification of Commodities or Services for Trademark Registration, and also fill in the uses of commodities and main raw materials.

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